Nano Whitening Toothbrush


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Made with Whitening Bristle Technology, our Whitening Toothbrush helps to remove and prevent the build-up of stains. The toothbrush works together with our Whitening Toothpaste to help maintain a healthy, white smile.

+ Designed with Whitening Bristles

+ Clinically proven to remove up to 35% more stains

+ Designed for a comfortable brushing experience

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+ Nano Whitening Toothbrush

The Whitening Toothbrush has been made with Whitening Bristle Technology©. It helps to remove and also prevent the build-up of stains on the teeth. The brush has been made with special whitening bristles. These have been clinically proven to remove up to 35% more stains compared to other regular toothbrush bristles. The brush has been made the way it has with its rounded shape so that it gives a more comfortable brushing experience.

Fancy trying out the Nano Whitening Toothpaste as well to complete the full set? The Nano Whitening Combo gives you both the toothpaste and toothbrush at a discounted price!