Tired of Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity When Whitening? We've Got You Covered!

Tired of Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity When Whitening? We've Got You Covered!

April 28, 2022

Sensitive teeth, also known as dentin hypersensitivity, can cause temporary pain and discomfort when brushing and whitening your teeth. It can also cause pain when eating and drinking hot and cold foods (ouch).

However, if you suffer from sensitive teeth and still want to whiten your smile, we have the perfect product to combat it!

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can be caused by exposed tooth roots, tooth decay and broken teeth. Even chipped teeth can expose nerves that will be triggered through eating and drinking, causing sharp pain.  

Some people have naturally thin enamel, meaning they will incur sensitivity more than others as they have less enamel to protect the tooth from triggering elements. 

In many cases, diet plays a huge role in the health of your teeth as enamel can be worn down by acidic and sugary foods. This makes it so important to limit your intake of sugary/acidic foods and drinks such as carbonated drinks for your overall tooth health.

Triggers of Sensitive Teeth:

  • Hot and cold foods.
  • Cold foods and beverages.
  • Acidic foods and beverages.
  • Cold air.
  • Sweet foods and beverages.
  • Alcohol-based mouthwashes.
  • Vigorous brushing or flossing teeth.
  • Grinding teeth.

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth:

When treating sensitive teeth, it is always best to consult your Clinician as they will be able to determine the cause of your sensitivity. However, we have a few recommendations on how to treat your sensitivity!

  • Sensitivity Serums: Our Nano Sensitivity Serum has been designed to help prevent and reduce tooth sensitivity. Developed and formulated by UK dentists, our serum uses a blend of specially selected ingredients including our advanced Enamel Care Technology© which helps to reduce tooth sensitivity and remineralise teeth. Designed for easy application, it can be used with WhiteWash Boil and Bite Mouth Trays or in a custom mouth tray made for you by your dentist. It can also be applied directly to a particularly sensitive tooth by using a clean finger to rub the serum into the tooth for at least 1 minute. 
  • Toothpaste: It is important to remember that some whitening toothpaste that has a gritty feel will be intense and abrasive on the tooth’s surface, causing sensitivity. Our range of whitening toothpaste is low abrasive, ultimately meaning that they will polish and whiten teeth whilst still being kind to your enamel. 
  • Maintaining a Good Oral Hygiene Routine: To prevent sensitive teeth from recurring, maintain a good oral hygiene routine, using a soft-bristled brush to prevent any sensitivity from recurring. When brushing teeth, make sure that you use gentle strokes as rigorous or hard brushing can damage enamel, worsening sensitivity.
  •  Mouthguard: If the cause of your sensitive teeth is due to grinding teeth, your dentist may recommend a custom mouthguard to prevent further damage to your tooth’s surface.

Whitening with sensitive teeth: 

Our Nano range of products contains the active ingredient Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP). PAP is an active bleaching agent that whitens and brightens the discoloured molecules inside your tooth, unlike peroxide, PAP is less invasive when whitening your teeth, meaning that there is a lesser chance of gaining sensitivity in comparison to professional whitening. This means you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods and drinks when whitening your teeth, unlike

For anyone who suffers from severe sensitivity, or you just want to prepare your teeth as best as possible before whitening, we recommend filling your whitening trays or retainers with our sensitivity serum for 5 minutes before using our strips or kit. This allows the tooth to be nourished with potassium nitrate to prevent tooth sensitivity and fluoride to remineralise teeth!

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