Nano Anti-Stain Floss


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The Anti-Stain Floss can be used as part of the FLOSS | WASH | BRUSH routine. The floss uses a special whitening complex to brighten spaces in your teeth and glides in between with ease.

+ Anti-bacterial

+ Leaves teeth feeling clean

+ Non-shredding

+ Includes the natural sweetener Xylitol to prevent acid attacks.


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+ Anti-Stain Floss

The Anti-Stain Floss from WhiteWash Laboratories.

The WhiteWash Anti Stain Floss Tape provides an anti-bacterial action with the addition of naturally occurring xylitol. It also uses a special whitening complex that helps to clean and brighten the spaces in between the teeth. This advanced floss is non-shredding which means that it easily glides between the teeth without ripping or tearing. It also features micro-perforations for a superior clean.

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