Nano Rapid Dissolving strips

NEW Nano Rapid Dissolving strips have been made with the latest innovation in teeth whitening! This product has been adapted from the technology used for dissolving breath strips popular in the late 1990s. These easy to use strips are effective, convenient and safe. They simply stick to teeth and dissolve in 15-20 minutes!  


      Whitens up to 7 shades after 14 treatments

      Whitens up to 5 shades after 7 treatments

      Noticeable whitening after just 3 treatments

      Achieves equivalent whitening to dentist prescribed 6% hydrogen peroxide kits



      Use on the go

      Easy to apply, comfortable and non-slip

      Quickly and completely dissolves with no residue



      Kind to enamel

      Doesn’t cause tooth or gum sensitivity

      Antibacterial and freshens breath

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